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Your one-stop solution for storage needs at SML Logistics Self-Storage Facility!

Moving your things from one place to another is a daunting task. Decluttering your house is indeed stressful when you have planned to do it without any help. Worry not! With a storage facility of SML Logistics, you can store all your items safely and move on with your relocation.

Not just relocation, on various occasions, you might need a self-storage solution. It can be when you are renovating your home or when you are re-furnishing. In this case, you need reliable storage for your domestic goods like furniture, beddings, and other personal items. With the help of SML Logistics Self-Storage Facility, you can store your items temporarily until you are ready to take them back.

SML Logistics is the service provider that provides self-storage services to store your goods. Our self-storage service offers secure storage of goods. When required, you can easily access your items from the storage units. Moreover, we offer short-term and long-term household self-storage solutions for you.

Secure Self-Storage Space

When looking for short or long term self-storage in the nation, there’s no better cost-effective solution than SML Logistics secure storage facilities

Whether you are seeking to limit your shipment size, rent your home while you’re away, or not quite ready to take delivery of your home or office goods, SML Logistics will typically cost only a small fraction of the usual expense associated with relocation.

SML Logistics offers the Best Self-Storage Solutions

As an established relocation company with premium warehouse facilities in Indonesia, SML Logistics is your one-stop self-storage solution provider.

Our company offers some of the best storage at our secure, pest free storage space or warehouse. Our experts will collect your belongings and place them into your self-storage space until you are ready to take delivery. Or you can put your items in our storage space after renting it from us, whichever suits you. And when the time comes, we will safely deliver your goods to their new location.

Cost-Efficient and Convenient Self-Storage Warehouse Facilities

Storage costs around the world differ; however, they are usually based on the amount of items you want to store in the warehouse facility, as well as the duration of the storing period.

We offer the added convenience of storage plus delivery to your home – all you have to do is speak to your moving expert in SML Logistics. We strive to be the best moving company in Indonesia and will work closely with you to devise a custom solution to suit your needs.

We have seen that in many cases, relocating the clients do not finalize their destination, and they need a safe place to pile up their domestic goods.

Imagine that you are waiting for building a new home for your family or searching for a new home. A few of you might be traveling overseas for an indefinite period to take new assignments. Some of you might be moving into an apartment that cannot hold all your belongings. In all these cases, you don’t have the heart to sell your precious goods.

Thus, when you can't move them, use the SML Logistics long-term storage services to store them safely. They are the perfect solutions for storing your goods for as long as you need them.

Our Storage Facilities

SML Logistics is specialized in offering our clients with premium Storage Services. Due to our in-depth experience, customers have recognized us as one of the eminent Storage Solution providers in Indonesia.

A lot of people can feel quite intimidated by the thought of the relocation process with several parts involving the long-term storage of numerous valuable items.

Being planned and organised and having a professional relocation and storage company like SML Logistics, who can handle your storage till you are ready to move into your new home will be a big help in making sure that everything runs smoothly.

When you’re relocating to a new house or just need extra space for some time at your home, SML Logistics is the short-term storage solution you need!

We’re an expert in short-term storage service with over 8 years of experience. SML Logistics offers you simple, efficient, and tailored short-term storage solutions for your convenience.

Whether you’re relocating, redecorating, or renovating your home, you’ll need somewhere to store your possessions safely and it will be in our protected warehouses. We ensure the safety of your belongings.

Finding a storage solution

At SML Logistics, we’re your best choice when it comes to short term storage services. We also provide long-term options should you need your household belongings kept safely stored for the short period of time you want. Our relocation consultant will help you find a storage option according to your unique needs.

What does our short-term storage service include?

  • We store your goods safely at our premises.
  • Your goods are protected against fire ,rain pests n dust in our storage area
  • You can freely access all your stored items on request.
  • We use special packing materials to pack your special items
  • We offer an exclusive valet service for our clients. Our team will collect items to bring them straight to our storage premises for safekeeping from your home.