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It might be quite possibly the most stressful part of relocation when you are planning to move. Our pet relocation team has years of experience relocating pets, as the pets need extra special care during any relocation. They will help you by:

We offer you a detailed consultation on your pet relocation requirements.

We provide you with the right pricing for the services you require.

Our experts give you the appropriate information about the health regulations at the host and destination locations. This knowledge is essential when you are relocating, particularly when you are moving to a foreign land.

Engage pet specialists and transporters who can take care of pet welfare and your concerns about them.

SML Logistics puts all your worries for pet relocation to rest:

  • Firstly due to the reason that we love pets and treat them like our own.
  • Secondly, we have vast experience of pet relocations worldwide.
  • Thirdly, we advise you only what's best for your pet, and offer you value-for-money choices.
  • Fourthly, we are sensitive to the needs of you as Pet Parents.
  • Fifthly, we offer tailor made plans for your pet's relocation.

Our pet relocation services ensures safety

Before shifting to a new destination, SML Logistics makes sure to get a complete medical check-up of your pet. We take the initiative to consult your vet doctor, if any precaution has to be taken care of, get all required vaccination done and a certificate indicating your animal is healthy and then we move forward with the procedure to relocate them.

Our professional and reliable pet experts ensure that the container transporting your pet is coming with internal protrusion, gripes, sturdy handles or sharp edges. We make sure that we give you pet sufficient space so they can freely stand, move, turn and lie down. Moreover, they get proper ventilation and the doors should be locked in a secure manner.

If your pet has to be relocated by air, we gather detailed information about the guidelines and regulations regarding pet travel.

After arriving at a new destination, we try to introduce your pet to its new home. Make sure that your furry family member quickly returns to normal habits.

It’s time to start moving your pet, so get your quote today.