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With over 8 years in the sector, we offer local moving services. We offer a one-stop solution for all your relocation needs from the moment you decide to make the relocate, to helping you settle in when you arrive at your destination.

What’s included?

  1. Pre-move consultation
  2. In-home survey / Home video survey
  3. Coordinating your local move
  4. Professional packing service
  5. Transportation
  6. Delivery and full unpacking service

We know that relocation to a new destination can be a scary experience. That’s why we coordinate every aspect of your move. Our experts assess the contents of your home to the very smallest details, which include your vehicles.

After the survey, we’ll arrange for a team to collect, pack, and transport your belongings. Our relocation package includes a complete packing and unpacking service. It means you have nothing to worry about on your plate.

We’re committed to providing you the best relocation service. It is the reason; we connect you with our dedicated team, who will coordinate your relocation. Our team will cover every aspect of your relocation, working hard to make sure everything goes effortlessly.

Managing a Local Move

Any relocation is hectic. Whether you are moving a short distance or long, the thought of packing up your life and loading it onto a truck can be crushing.

With locations across Indonesia, we are your local relocation company. SML Logistics has provided services to families just like you relentlessly by taking the stress of moving from them. Our team can answer your queries, solve your concerns and help you concentrate on settling into your new location while we handle the entire relocation.

Local Removal Services

At SML Logistics, we deliver a range of expert services making moving easier. We can help you with relocating your vehicles and pets, assist with packing and can even offer a valet unloading service so that you can set up your new home easily. SML Logistics is the team devoted to offer you with the best and stress free options.

Removal Protection you can Trust

When selecting a company to support your relocation, we know you’re looking for an expert with an affordable price. SML Logistics has one of the affordable rates in the industry, a thing we attribute to our high standards, purpose vehicles, quality packing materials and the care our skilfully trained team offer.

Our packaging solutions have been designed to serve the removal purpose in a better manner. Most of our packing materials are made from recycled items and can be recycled as well. This means we’re helping the environment along with helping you to move.

Moving with Kids

Once you are a parent, parenting never stops and moving day is just as stressful for your kids as it is for you. SML Logistics experts take care of the entire packing, loading and delivery, unpacking settling of your goods. Hence, you can spend time with the kids and enjoy moving to your new house.

Moving with Pets

At SML Logistics, we go a step ahead to make sure your pet relishes their trip to your new home. From securely moving your pet, to helping you arrange your veterinarian documents, we look after your pet as a child.

The Best Local Moves are made with SML Logistics

SML Logistics has the local relocation experience to ensure your move goes according to plan. Take advantage of our professional service and level of attention you expect from a trusted relocation company.


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