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It might be quite possibly the most stressful part of relocation when you are planning to move. Our pet relocation team has years of experience relocating pets, as the pets need extra special care during any relocation. They will help you by:

We offer you a detailed consultation on your pet relocation requirements.

We provide you with the right pricing for the services you require.

Our experts give you the appropriate information about the health regulations at the host and destination locations. This knowledge is essential when you are relocating, particularly when you are moving to a foreign land.

Engage pet specialists and transporters who can take care of pet welfare and your concerns about them.

SML Logistics puts all your worries for pet relocation to rest:

  • Firstly due to the reason that we love pets and treat them like our own.
  • Secondly, we have vast experience of pet relocations worldwide.
  • Thirdly, we advise you only what's best for your pet, and offer you value-for-money choices.
  • Fourthly, we are sensitive to the needs of you as Pet Parents.
  • Fifthly, we offer tailor made plans for your pet's relocation.

Our pet relocation services ensures safety

Before shifting to a new destination, SML Logistics makes sure to get a complete medical check-up of your pet. We take the initiative to consult your vet doctor, if any precaution has to be taken care of, get all required vaccination done and a certificate indicating your animal is healthy and then we move forward with the procedure to relocate them.

Our professional and reliable pet experts ensure that the container transporting your pet is coming with internal protrusion, gripes, sturdy handles or sharp edges. We make sure that we give you pet sufficient space so they can freely stand, move, turn and lie down. Moreover, they get proper ventilation and the doors should be locked in a secure manner.

If your pet has to be relocated by air, we gather detailed information about the guidelines and regulations regarding pet travel.

After arriving at a new destination, we try to introduce your pet to its new home. Make sure that your furry family member quickly returns to normal habits.

It’s time to start moving your pet, so get your quote today.

Valet services are available at SML Logistics to make preparation after the tiring and busy packing and moving out day. We take care of all those relocation steps, and you will have a stress free unpacking. We even take care of the process to unpack your goods and set you ready to go to your new location from the day one.

With our extensive checklists, our valet assistants give their complete attention to your pre or post-relocation needs. It makes a complete sense to be ready when the team of SML Logistics arrives to pack or deliver at your place.

We've worked in all kinds of places. We offer many services with our valet team in all major Indonesia cities and overseas. Think about how calm and organized you will feel, knowing that all the hard work of relocation is taken care of by us. It will also give you the time to take care of your other priorities.

SML Logistics Valet Service includes:

Unpacking boxes:

All packed items will be unpacked cautiously and the contents placed in their respective areas throughout the new location according to your choice and instruction.

Arranging and styling:

After the unpacking process we will arrange and style your rooms as per your preference. For example, bedrooms are set up, beds are made, and clothing is prearranged and placed into your wardrobes.

Cleaning up:

This includes vacuuming the floors and wiping down shelves, cupboards and furniture. You just have to settle in and do nothing when you are leaving all the work on SML Logistics.


We will finally remove the clutter, trash and unnecessary items like packing materials and you will have to place for yourself and your family to explore.

If you are looking for these services while you are moving out to a new destination, get our quote now.

We understand that you care for your belongings!!

Damages to them create damage to your mind peace!!

Thus, SML Logistics has a simple solution or you. Get Moving Insurance for the goods during relocation and get the peace of mind.

We’ve helped clients around the world protect their goods with smart, reliable moving insurance solutions for many years. At SML Logistics, we are always ready to help you, as well. Count on us for moving insurance coverage for your local move, intrastate move, an interstate move, and international move.

Safe and Secure Moving Insurance policies

We offer strong Moving Insurance policies so that we can cover even the smallest of your item under our safety measures. Our strong Moving Insurance services for goods ensures that nothing happens to your good till the time they are with us and they are our responsibility. SML Logistics is built on the pillars of trust, transparency and impeccable services that lead to customer happiness.

Moving insurance guards your goods in transportation while en route to your new home, whether on the truck, or while in temporary storage. It’s vital to insure your move as even the most careful moving companies meet unexpected conditions such as fire, motor vehicle accidents, theft, natural disasters and more. And as we are all aware, accidents do happen!

Local, Domestic or International moving insurance

We offer coverage for in-state (intrastate), out of state (interstate) and international moves by land, air and water. While there are several policy options to choose from, we recommend reading about all of them and then selecting the most robust coverage for your items.

Our moving insurance is planned to cover the current declared value of your things. Get in touch with our moving insurance experts at SML Logistics and know all about them

Relax and enjoy the relocation. Your goods are safe with SML Logistics no matter where you’re relocating. Hence, get your quote today.

SML Logistics automobile relocation service is one of the most trusted automobile transportation services. We not just ship your lovely car or two-wheelers conveniently and timely to your desired location, but also give you a good experience by relieving you from worries of safe car or two-wheelers transportation.

Naturally, your vehicle is not just a vehicle to you; it is the thing that you tend to protect at all costs. It is the car or the two-wheeler, which has innumerable memories for you.

Moving Automobiles locally

We at SML Logistics take the utmost care of your lovable and precious vehicle and transport it smoothly and safely to your said local destination. In transporting your automobile safely to the final destination, we offer the use of covered car trailers and containerized trucks designed especially for the safety of your automobiles. So when you are relocating your automobiles locally, find SML Logistics helping you out with the entire process.

Interstate Automobile relocation

When we are moving your automobile interstate, we do not compromise on schedules and timelines. We pick up the automobile from the client’s residence/office after preparing an automobile condition report & deliver to the final destination after revalidating the origin automobile condition report. All vehicles relocated by SML Logistics undergo a revalidating vehicle condition check before they are delivered to the client to make sure that the automobile reaches in the exact condition that it was picked up.

Moving Automobiles overseas

With our expertise and know-how to safely load, transport and deliver automobiles, we are more than well-equipped to take care of your automobile and ship it overseas to your new destination.

We understand that relocation is hectic, whether it is for personal or professional reasons. Our team works hard to minimize your stress by offering trusted Automobile Relocations Services in Indonesia. You can leave your worry to us as we have a safe Automobile Relocations process, which makes you sure that your vehicle is in the right hands.

Whether you are moving locally, interstate or overseas, give SML Logistics the chance to take care and ship your lovable automobile to your relocating destination. Get our quote today.

We understand that shifting to a foreign land is a not the same as within Indonesia. The excitement level is high; the feeling of thrill and nervousness goes hand in hand. You deal with a bag of mixed emotions. Shifting to a new land involves a lot of tasks, and among those many tasks, one is hiring a relocation service provider.

International Removals Made Easy

Since relocating to a foreign land is not a cakewalk, taking the help of a trusted Relocation Company becomes an essential. SML Logistics aims to work on and remove all the complications that clients have to deal on their journey to another country. Our team makes the international shifting smooth for you.

We offer unmatched relocation services to our clients. Delivering an exceptional experience to you has been our foremost goal and we leave no stone unturned to succeed. Our international relocation services include visa clearance, custom clearance, safe shifting of goods, customized packing, unpacking, immigration, etc.

At SML Logistics, the experts are motivated by customer/client satisfaction and driven by passion. We take pride in saying that we deliver enough facility and safety measures to our clients so that they don't have to face any trouble in settling at international land.

Safe and Secure International Shipping

When relocating to a foreign land with SML Logistics, you will get a quality service no matter where in the world you are. Our experts know how to protect your items, ensuring they are safe and secure during transportation.

Our packing resources are designed precisely to protect your items, and they are environmentally friendly, reducing waste worldwide. We categorize and offer the packing materials best suited for your items, protecting them from the shocks and bumps that occur during shipment.

Moving internationally with kids

When it comes to relocating to a foreign land with kids, feelings run high and the stress can be overwhelming. That’s why at SML Logistics, we make it a priority to support you when you are relocating the kids as much as we can. You can trust us with all your work for international relocation, so that you have more time to enjoy with your lovely kids. Give us the chance to pack and relocate your belongings to your new home in the foreign land and you take the time to explore the new environment with your family.

Moving Pets Overseas

People say that moving pets interstate can be a headache, moving them abroad can be a nightmare. Take the service of the range of premium pet transport of SML Logistics for the process. We can make a relocation plan that meets your pets’ needs, ensuring they reach your new home safely.

International Relocations with SML Logistics

SML Logistics understands that relocating can be sensitive for you, that is why we offer practical and personal backing at all stages of your international relocation. You can have faith in the knowledge we’ve extended over the past decade.

Our global partners deliver numerous destination support services to you, including home and school searches, area orientations and visas, immigration and other services.


Let us handle your international relocation procedure, get the quote today.


SML Logistics follows a well-defined and integrated system for domestic relocation. Our domestic relocation service covers an extensive procedure that includes storage, packing, transportation, and unpacking of your home items.

Inclusive plans for relocations

Giving your domestic goods in the wrong hands can prove to be a massive loss. The only solution is to hire experienced and well-trained experts in relocation. To give the clients luxury of not worrying about relocation, SML Logistics has crafted inclusive plans for managing and moving goods to the destination, maintaining utter safety and security.

Resourceful approach of SML Logistics

When your domestic items are with us, be assured not to worry. Helping out people for more than a decade now, we have created an indelible name in the relocation sector and wish to revamp the traditional methods of relocation. Our resourceful approach ensures timely-delivery of client’s goods, uninterrupted workflow, and ultimate peace to our clients.

SML Logistics has created an unbreakable bond by delivering unique and unparalleled services to the clients.

Moving is stressful, whether it’s across the street or across the country. With clients all over the nation, SML Logistics is proud to be Indonesia leading domestic relocation company.

Our Domestic Removal Services

Having assisted millions of clients move home has taught the SML Logistics team a lot of things, namely that moving involves much more than some furniture relocation. That’s why our expert domestic moving services include:

  • Furniture packing and delivery
  • Crockery & Fragile Packing
  • Vehicle Transportation
  • Storage Solutions

Packing and Delivery: Protection you can trust

SML Logistics ensures the care of your things. Our team will wrap and pack your items to avert movement and risk of harm during transportation. We also offer transportation and storage insurance for our clients for extra peace of mind.

Moving domestic with Pets

When it comes to relocating the pets, we can offer them with a safe trip to their new home. We ensure reliable transport from your old to your new home and ensure your pets receive the love and attention they deserve on their move.

Planning for relocation soon? Get our quote today.