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SML Logistics lab relocation services do more than just move lab equipment. We can deliver comprehensive lab relocation, part instruments relocation, or anything in between. We make it hassle-free with a complete end-to-end process for relocating everything in your lab, and our post-relocation performance guarantees the safety and careful handling of all your lab assets.

Our seamless laboratory relocations are delivered with minimal impact on lab operations and with reduced relocation costs. At SML Logistics, we offer lab relocation services, which include a dedicated project manager who will look into your complete relocation process, contract management, chemicals and supplies, asset services, and post-move inventory integration into your existing inventory systems.

Our services for laboratory relocation at a glance – from individual devices up to complex research units:

  • Project planning and project coordination
  • Packing and unpacking service for lab and surgery equipment
  • Disassembling and reassembling as well as transporting entire laboratories, complex research facilities and highly sensitive equipment
  • Packaging and transporting highly sensitive equipment
  • Modern transport technology such as lifting devices, acceleration monitors
  • Air suspension, heated box vans with tail lift and special attachments for fastening your items

SML Logistics Understands Your Lab Needs

Lab relocations is not an easy task for any relocation company. SML Logistics understands the best methodologies to use and have developed a number of innovative measures to manage the entire procedure of moving lab facilities. By working carefully with the client and site managers, we plan every step of the lab removals process from packing to delivery to a new destination. This ensures not only all laboratory contents are safe during transit, but also the whole procedure is professionally handled to attain minimal interruption to operations.

We are your best options for lab relocations

By selecting the right partner who pays close attention to your needs, you can be sure every part of the move is well thought out and accurately planned with all possible challenges having been considered and taken into account. Our involvement means we transfer your equipment safely, and can also help with the installation of your equipment at the new location.

Get the SML Logistics quote for your lab relocation today to find out how we can assist with planning and implementing your lab relocation project.