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SML Logistics lab relocation services do more than just move lab equipment. We can deliver comprehensive lab relocation, part instruments relocation, or anything in between. We make it hassle-free with a complete end-to-end process for relocating everything in your lab, and our post-relocation performance guarantees the safety and careful handling of all your lab assets.

Our seamless laboratory relocations are delivered with minimal impact on lab operations and with reduced relocation costs. At SML Logistics, we offer lab relocation services, which include a dedicated project manager who will look into your complete relocation process, contract management, chemicals and supplies, asset services, and post-move inventory integration into your existing inventory systems.

Our services for laboratory relocation at a glance – from individual devices up to complex research units:

  • Project planning and project coordination
  • Packing and unpacking service for lab and surgery equipment
  • Disassembling and reassembling as well as transporting entire laboratories, complex research facilities and highly sensitive equipment
  • Packaging and transporting highly sensitive equipment
  • Modern transport technology such as lifting devices, acceleration monitors
  • Air suspension, heated box vans with tail lift and special attachments for fastening your items

SML Logistics Understands Your Lab Needs

Lab relocations is not an easy task for any relocation company. SML Logistics understands the best methodologies to use and have developed a number of innovative measures to manage the entire procedure of moving lab facilities. By working carefully with the client and site managers, we plan every step of the lab removals process from packing to delivery to a new destination. This ensures not only all laboratory contents are safe during transit, but also the whole procedure is professionally handled to attain minimal interruption to operations.

We are your best options for lab relocations

By selecting the right partner who pays close attention to your needs, you can be sure every part of the move is well thought out and accurately planned with all possible challenges having been considered and taken into account. Our involvement means we transfer your equipment safely, and can also help with the installation of your equipment at the new location.

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Today Industrial relocations have become a crucial procedure that deserves extra attention while transiting the industrial goods. SML Logistics promises to delight you with astounding services at affordable prices for your industrial relocations. Our team is trained to handle expertly from your smallest accessory to the major tools. Moreover, we guarantee that the relocation process will cause no damage to your equipment under our industrial relocation services.

Industrial packaging trouble slows down your arrangements and creates difficulty throughout the entire relocation process. We know exactly how to pack everything for you and help you in relocating wherever your destination is.

SML Logistics Understands Your Business

Relocation of industrial goods is a Hercules challenge. Knowing that you have internal experts and resources that only require assistance in certain areas, we work together with your industrial management, and warehousing management teams to understand your business operations. We evaluate your in-house competences to recognize where the outside resources are required during the relocation.

Strategic Planning to Minimize Downtime

The biggest challenges companies face during an industrial relocation is maintaining access to inventory and minimizing industrial downtime. We work as an extension of your company to make sure strict controls around the movement of inventory and accurate scheduling of equipment and machinery relocations.

The art of attaining an industrial relocation goal, while maintaining current business operations, is smart phasing, thorough planning and certified rehearsal. We check our plans in controlled situations to confirm timing expectations and to expose unexpected needs.

Operating as an Extension of Your Team

We know that due to the intricate nature of industrial relocations our role is to operate as a member of a larger team. Teamwork, communication and cooperation between the various internal departments is crucial for SML Logistics.

Specialized Skills to Move Equipment

Moving an industrial setup is very different from relocating a regular office. Industrial setup needs specialized skills like rigging, disassembly and reassembly of industrial racking, packing of small parts areas, inventory management and noteworthy physical resources such as heavy duty cranes, lifts, rolling carts and flatbeds. And at SML Logistics, we have the resources to handle these needs for your industrial relocations.

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As odd as it may sound however the burden of relocating an office is equivalent to moving the entire business. In business world, you have to be a multi-tasker who can skilfully juggle up with several tasks simultaneously. However, delegating your relocation tasks to an expert can prove to be an economical idea.

So, SML Logistics aim to assist you with outstanding business relocating services. In the present-day hectic life not hiring a good relocation company for relocating your business could bring disastrous results for you and your business.

Offering safety to your business equipment and valuable tools is imperative and SML Logistics is known to offer distinctive relocation services, which match all safety standards. Our team is well-acquainted with the latest technology to provide you with the best services. We offer on-timely delivery, zero damage and smooth shifting of your business from one destination to another.

Office Relocation Planning

Successful moving of your office starts with a detailed relocation planning. Our professional team at SML Logistics partners with key members of your office staff to outline the roles & responsibilities of moving offices to new locations. This will provide you an idea how we are going to move your valuable office items from source to destination, so that it will ease your tension of office moves.

You can take help of our professional in your office relocation to plan every bit of it with perfection. Everything starts with proper planning and every planning starts with careful observation.

Office Move Packing

We pay strict attention to detail in packing and moving fragile office equipment such as electronics, valuable files and records. Our expert team uses the best packing facilities to pack your office Items. Our quality of office relocation is always better than any other relocation company.

Office Setup Onsite Assistance

We are best in office relocation because we just not pack and deliver your items instead we will provide on-site assistance to settle all your office equipment. Once the move is complete, our expert team of installers and technicians are on-site at your new office location, helping your employees unpack items, making on-the-spot adjustments and soothing any rattled nerves. Our customized move plans are designed touch get your business up and running again in record time.

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