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When you are moving to any foreign land or coming to Indonesia for business purposes, it is the culture of the new nation that determines whether you and your family are happy in your new destination. If you and your family can adapt the culture of the new land easily, you are a happy man. Easy adaptation of the new culture leads you to be productive in your new work environment.

SML Logistics Cross Cultural Training program helps to settle down easily

Understanding the unique and complex culture of a new nation is the key to a successful mobility assignment and will save you and your family from culture shocks. However, SML Logistics is here to help you in this with our Cross Cultural Training program.

Each of our programs under Cross Cultural Training combines instructor-led sessions with online learning and webinars or Skype sessions.

Our program covers:

  • Cultural Background and Social Etiquette
  • Understanding Communication Styles
  • An insight into the population, traditions, castes, festivals and holidays of the region
  • Working With Indonesia Colleagues
  • Aspirations and value systems
  • Home Life – Help / Useful Contact Numbers / Tips
  • Shopping and Social Visits
  • Leisure Activities