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Modernization and customization are the key features of SML Logistics fine-arts and antique logistics department. We offer complete end-to-end fine-arts and antique relocation solutions taking care of transportation, packing, import, and export clearance, and storage for all your fine-arts and antique valuables. The items go through the logistics process safely and efficiently.

Management of Art Exhibition, Auction & Antique Fair Logistics

SML Logistics offers logistic services for your fine-arts and antiques at the most affordable rates. We aim to take the entire responsibilities from you that are involved in transferring the fine-arts and antiques so that you don’t have any trouble while relocating to a new place.

Quality Assured International Fine Art Transport and Storage

We have built up a very supportive and well-structured transportation system, which surely will wipe off all your fine-arts and antiques transportation dilemmas when you are relocating to a foreign land. Whatever be your needs, we have a very well-defined transportation procedure to relocate your valuable fine-arts and antiques.

We also offer tracking and monitoring services for your peace of mind. It ensures trustworthiness, and you can keep a check on your valuable pieces.

Trust SML Logistics, to handle your large scale art exhibition, auction and antique fair logistics and we will never let you down!